Business Policy

Our Business Policy

Company policies and procedures establish the rules of conduct within an organization, outlining the responsibilities of employees and Company. Based on our needs we have in place various policies and procedures that establish rules regarding employee conduct, Business Ethics, Privacy and employee terms.

Our Objective of trade is to enhance customer satisfaction by consistently providing a quality of service that meets or exceeds customer expectations along with empowering farmers to see that they get right price for their goods. We believe that our valued customers should get the value of money by relying on our business policy.

Our Team experience over the years is our backbone to provide assured quality Blueship Overseas Trade Pvt. Ltd. The accumulated knowledge from the past has been proved as reason of trust in us by our valued clients. We believe that “the end is where we start from.” Quality at Blueship Overseas Trade Pvt. Ltd. is precisely taken care from beginning of the process and never compromised.

In our philosophy, quality is not only the durability and defect free nature of product but its utility and applicability to satisfy the sole purpose for which it was bought.

In order to ensure that quality requirements are met, there is a defined management responsibility to ensure that all personnel are adequately trained and are fully familiar with the Company’s commitment to providing services of consistent quality to our customers.